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To be a Centre of Excellence in computer science and engineering education and training to meet the challenging needs of the Core field and society


• To impart quality education through well-designed curriculum in tune with the growing software needs of the industry

• To serve our students by inculcating in them problem solving, leadership, teamwork skills and the value of commitment to quality, ethical behavior & respect for others

• To foster industry-academia relationship for mutual benefit and growth

Programme Educational Objectives:

• Identify, analyze, formulate and solve Computer Science and Engineering problems both independently and in a team environment by using the appropriate modern tools

• Manage software projects with significant technical, legal, ethical, social, environmental and economic considerations

• Demonstrate commitment and progress in lifelong learning, professional development, leadership and Communicate effectively with professional clients and the public

Programme Outcomes

• Apply knowledge of computing, mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals to solve complex engineering problems

• Formulate and analyze a problem, and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution using basic principles of mathematics, science and computer engineering

• Design, implement, and evaluate a computer based system, process, component, or software to meet the desired needs

• Design and conduct experiments, perform analysis and interpretation of data and provide valid conclusions

• Use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computing practice.

• Understand legal, health, security and social issues in Professional Engineering practice.

• Understand the impact of professional engineering solutions on environmental context and the need for sustainable development

• Understand the professional and ethical responsibilities of an engineer

• Function effectively as an individual, and as a team member / leader in accomplishing a common goal

• Communicate effectively, make effective presentations and write and comprehend technical reports and publications

• Learn and adopt new technologies, and use them effectively towards continued professional development throughout the life

• Understand engineering and management principles and their application to manage projects in the software industry


1 k.V.H.N Vishnu Vardehan Asst.Professor Computer Science
2 G T Hari Krishna Murthy Asst.Professor Computer Science

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